Sunday, October 5, 2014

Nightland Colouring Book

Nightland Colouring Book is a picture book and bedtime story with colourable black and white images.
It follows a young child's journey through the night as Nightbird carries him between her wings across Nightland.
There are many birds and beasts living in Nightforest, there are dragonboys and a witch with a thousand eyes. The child gets to see what happens to the Sun and the Moon at night. And he even finds out what his parents are up to.
It is a book inspired by northern myth and folklore, visual traditions and landscapes.

Nightland Colouring Book reflects the understanding that there are things in the night that are best left alone but there are also hidden blessings. And help often comes unexpected. It is the kind of book I always wanted to experience. So I have created it.
I believe we need more books for young children that are not oversimplified and moralising.
Young children deserve to be treated with respect They deserve stories that are well written. They deserve questions that are left for them to answer.
To be trusted to make up their own mind and at the same time to get to know the richness of where their cultural roots can reach.

The book consists of eighteen images and a story that goes with them. It is saddle stitched, in A4 format and will come signed, with a happy ending.
The originals of the illustrations are my ink drawings and I am also responsible for the concept of the book. The text has been co-written with Lemmit Kaplinski. Translation assistance was given by Diana Norma Szokolyai, Talulah Miers and Maria Kerin.
The publication of the English version of the book has been made possible by each and every person who supported the Nightland Colouring Book crowdfunding campaign.

Nightland Colouring Book is available to buy at my etsy tore - Stories of Nightland. Both in hard copy and PDF formats, in English and Estonian. There are also postcards with illustrations from the book.
More possibilities of purchasing will be added as they appear.

Please contact me with any questions:

Welcome to Nightland!

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